Live Online Training: The GMP-Auditor
Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

Live Online Training: The GMP-Auditor Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

Seminar Nr. 18315

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Dr Christian Hösch, GMP Inspector, Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection, Hamburg, Germany
Afshin Hosseiny, Ph.D., Tabriz Consulting
Stefan Reintgen, Team Connex


In this training course you will learn
  • How to plan and conduct audits efficiently
  • How to face the current challenges
  • What communication techniques are needed
  • How you can avoid and solve conflicts


Initial and continuous professional training for auditors is of utmost importance as the authorities expect highly qualified personal performing audits. Therefore the ECA has developed the programme at hand to give you a detailed overview about important matters to consider and to discuss important tasks and challenges like:
  • ƒExpectations of the authorities ƒ
  • Audit types ƒ
  • How to deal with travel restrictions ƒ
  • Risk-based audit planning ƒ
  • Audit plan and audit team ƒ
  • Audits in China, India and South America ƒ
  • Categorisation of audit findings ƒ
  • Communication Skills ƒ
  • Conflict solving


GMP Auditors from Pharmaceutical and API Industry.

Technical Requirements

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How to optimise the Audit Programme
  • Community project: evaluation of supplier Audits in Europe
  • Who needs to be audited
  • Things to consider when setting up a risk based Audit programme
  • GMP Certificates and CEPs
  • Third Party, Joint- and Shared Audits
  • Expectations of the authorities
  • Examples: what can go wrong
How to plan an Audit
  • Preparing your audit programme
    - Criteria for setting priorities
    - Resource planning
  • Setting and agreeing audit objectives
  • Selecting auditor team and assigning objectives to Auditors
  • Defining roles in an audit Team
  • Performing the audit and monitoring Progress
  • Summarising the findings and how to Feedback to auditees
  • Follow up and closing the loop
Remote Audit/ Distant Assessment
  • What are the regulations saying?
  • Remote Audit or Distant Assessment?
  • Benefits, limits, risks
  • Integration in Supplier Qualification System
  • Comparative study to what extent findings in an on-site audit would also be made in a distant assessment
Case Studies: Categorisation of various Audit Findings
  • Examples of audit situations and findings
  • How to evaluate the given examples
  • Possible follow-up activities
What makes a good Auditor?
  • Auditor skills
  • Auditor technical knowledge requirements
  • Auditor training
Top 10 Mistakes Auditors make and how to avoid them
  • Poor planning
  • Understanding the local culture and language
  • Being led by the Hosts
  • Following hobby horses (wasting time)
  • Focus on minor issues missing the big Problems
  • Accept what they hear - not verifying the Facts
  • Poor record keeping – no evidence to refer to
  • Not knowing the requirements
  • Lack of understanding the process they are auditing
  • Poor communication and reporting of findings Communication Skills
  • The challenge of appropriate communication
  • How to recognise, understand and solve conflicts
  • Body Language
  • Questioning Techniques
Suppliers from China, India and South America
  • How to prepare audits abroad
  • Challenges and pitfalls
  • Typical compliance issues: what to look for
  • Cultural particularities


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