Live Online PharmaLab Congress 2020 - 1st Day
Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

Live Online PharmaLab Congress 2020 - 1st Day Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

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The following speakers will lecture at PharmaLab 2020:

More speakers to be added

  • Ketan Agravat, rK3 Solutions, India. Chief Executiv Officer.
  • Darren Bauer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA
    Product Manager.
  • Dr Karl-Heinz Bauer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Head of Quality Unit DPI/MDI.
  • Ulla Bondegaard, Novo Nordisk, Denmark.
  • Dr Nicolas Brauckhoff, Protagen Protein Services, Germany. Head of Biotherapeutical Analyticsy.
  • Professor Guy C. Brown, University of Cambridge. Department of Biochemistry. Professor of Cellular Biochemistry.
  • Dr Emmanuelle Charton, EDQM, Concil of Europe, European Pharmacopoeia Department. Head of Division B. 
  • Dr Marja Claassen, MSD. Senior microbiological specialist.
  • Emmanuelle Charton, EDQM, France. Head of Divison B.
  • Laura-Felicia Cristescu, STADA Hemofarm SRL (STADA Group), Romania. QA and Local Pharmacovigilance Officer Deputy.
  • Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Roche Diagnostics, Germany. Head of Global ASAT "Adventitious Agents Testing and Alternative Microbiologica. Chairman of the Advisory Board of the ECA “Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group”, Member of PDA Task Forces.
  • Dr Markus Fido, MFI Bio Consulting, Austria. Founder and CEO.
  • Dr Anja Fritsch, Confarma, France. Responsible for cell based bioassays (development and routine).
  • Stefan Gärtner, Labor LS, Germany. Head of Department - Sterile Products Rapid and Alternative Methods.
  • Dr Wolf-Christian Gerstner, Geniu, Germany. Managing Director.
  • Dr Viviane Grunert da Fonseca, Roche Diagnostics, Germany. Statistical support to the nonclinical areas of chemistry, manufacturing, and controls.
  • Gerd Heimlich, Yokogawa Deutschland, Germany. Senior Executive Sales - Life Innovation Business Europe.
  • Jordi Iglesias, Charles River Laboratories, Ireland. Technology Market and Development Manager.
  • Niek Janssen, Altran, The Netherlands. Advanced Expert Life Sciences.
  • Judith Kernbichler, Takeda, Austria. Head of Analytical Sciences Knowledge Management.
  • Roland Koch, Gasporox AB, Sweden. Senior Application and Sales .
  • Kai Kottwitz, Rentschler Biopharma, Germany. Quality Control Manager.
  • Timo Kretzschmar, Anapur, Austria. Senior Consultant
  • Dr Marijke Molenaar-de Backer, Sanquin, The Netherlands. Manager MAT services.
  • Dr Michael J. Miller, Microbiology Consultants, USA. President.
  • Kai Nesemann, Sartorius Labs Instruments, Germany. Global Product Manager DNA-based rapid QC-testing.
  • Dr Jörg Neumann, Jörg Neumann Beratung, Germany. Founder and CEO.
  • Johannes Oberdörfer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Quality Biopharmaceuticals.
  • René Ørving, Novo Nordisk, Denmark.
  • Dr Kent Persson, Octapharma, Sweden.
  • Nicola Reid, Charles River Laboratories, UK. Associate Director Product Management.
  • Johannes Repellnig, VelaLabs – A Tentamus Company, Austria. Application Specialist.
  • Markus Roucka, VelaLabs – A Tentamus Company, Austria. Managing Director.
  • Sabrina Rottal, VelaLabs – A Tentamus Company, Austria. Application Specialist - R&D and Analytical Development.
  • Dr Wolfgang Rudy, TentaMedix, Germany. Chief Scientific Officer.
  • Shabnam Solati, CTL-MAT, USA. Chief Executive Officer.
  • Jacob G. Tesdorpf, PerkinElmer Life Sciences & Technology, Germany. Senior Director Life Science Markets.
  • Dr Franz Tüchler, VelaLabs – A Tentamus Company, Austria. Validation Consultant.
  • Dr Daniel M. Waldera-Lupa, Protagen Protein Services, Germany. Application Specialist Mass Spectrometry.
  • Melanie Wallisch, Rentschler Biopharma, Germany. Quality Control Manager.
  • Veronika Wills, Associates of Cape Cod, USA. Manager Technical Services.
  • Kevin Williams, bioMérieux, USA. Senior Scientist.
  • Alireza Zarei, Zamann Pharma Support, Germany. Chief Executive Officer.
  • Dr Christian Zeine, USP. Senior Scientific Affairs Manager EMEA.


Dear colleagues,

We had actually been looking forward to the 8th PharmaLab Congress in Neuss Düsseldorf, especially as a whole series of competent speakers had again been confirmed and exciting topics were on the programme. But unfortunately, microbiology in the form of SARS-CoV-2 does not allow microbiology congresses with a face-to-face meeting this year. But we are not discouraged by this and we have to keep a close eye on current developments, in particular in the field of pharmaceutical development, production, quality assurance and quality control.

That is why we will not cancel PharmaLab 2020 but have converted it into an online congress. With 3 conference tracks and sessions on endotoxin and pyrogen testing, microbiological methods, bioanalytics, chemical analysis and laboratory optimization we offer a comprehensive congress again this year.
As with the on-site congress, participants can book day tickets so that they can switch back and forth between the sessions and put together their own individual programme from the presentations. Are you interested in the rFC test in the pharmacopoeia, but also in the implementation of a mycoplasma test method? No problem - with PharmaLab you can see and hear both lectures and switch between the tracks.

More than 50 lectures by over 40 speakers from Europe and overseas will give you comprehensive information on current developments, both regulatory and scientific.

We look forward to welcoming you online at PharmaLab.

With best regards - and stay healthy!
Axel H. Schroeder
Administration Manager
ECA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Working Group


3 Conference Tracks with 6 Subsessions
10 November 2020
  • Track 1 - Endotoxin and Pyrogen Testing: Endotoxin Testing – LAL and rFC (Day 1)
  • Track 2 - Laboratory Optimization and Alternative Microbiological Methods - Laboratory Optimization
  • Track 3 - Challenges in Bioanalytical and Analytical Laboratories - From Bioassays to ATMP Analytics
11 November 2020
  • Track 1 - Endotoxin and Pyrogen Testing: MAT Update and Endotoxin Thinking Out of the Box (Day 2)
  • Track 2 - Laboratory Optimization and Alternative Microbiological Methods - Rapid Microbiological Methods and Mycoplasma Testing
  • Track 3 - Challenges in Bioanalytical and Analytical Laboratories - From Life Cycle Management to Real Time


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