PharmaLab Congress 2021 - Live Online
Regulatory and Methodological Developments - Auch während der laufenden Kongress-Woche ist die Anmeldung für die einzelnen, noch kommenden Konferenz-Tracks möglich

PharmaLab Congress 2021 - Live Online

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The following speakers will lecture at PharmaLab 2021:
  • Dr Hans-Joachim Anders, Novartis, Switzerland. Teamlead Analytical Science and Technology Microbiology.
  • Dr Karl-Heinz Bauer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Head of Strategic Quality Management & Culture.
  • Ulla Bondegaaard, NovoNordisk, Denmark. Responsible for maintaining cross-organisational (and cross-country) laboratory processes.
  • Fábio Brito, LEF - Infosaúde, Portugal. Trace Metal Laboratory, ICP-MS technique.
  • Tara Cassidy, Charles River Laboratories, Australia. Applications Development Specialist.
  • Brice Chasey, Charles River Laboratories, USA. Associate Director Product Management.
  • Sinead Cowman, Lonza, Ireland. Global BD and Marketing Manager - Informatics.
  • Carmen Marín Delgado de Robles, Roche Diagnostics, Spain. Quality Control Scientist Endotoxins.
  • Jean-François Dierick, GSK Vaccines, Belgium. Global Subject Matter Expert Analytical Validation & Lifecycle.
  • Dr Wolfgang Eder, Roche Diagnostics, Germany. Head of Global Functions Supply Chain IT.
  • Anne-Claire Erba, Merck, France. Senior R&D Scientist.
  • Dr Joachim Ermer, Ermer Quality Consulting, Germany. CEO & Founder.
  • Dr Rainer Gallitzendörfer, Government of Upper Bavaria, Germany. GMP Inspector.
  • Stefan Gärtner, Labor LS, Germany. Head of Department - Sterile Products Rapid and Alternative Methods.
  • Dr Gerald Gellermann, Novatis, Switzerland. Analytical Lead at Novartis Biologics Development.
  • Alexander Gill, VelaLabs, Austria. Lab Technician.
  • Dr Eelo Gitz, Sanquin Reagents, The Netherlands. Head Product Development.
  • Miriam Guest, AstraZeneca, UK. New Modalities & Parenteral Development, Pharmaceutical.
  • Dr Stefan Haberstock, Tecan, Germany. Senior Market Manager Detection & Liquid Handling EMEA.
  • Marleen Hoozemans, MSD, The Netherlands. Specialist New Technologies for Microbial Testing in a GMP environment.
  • Patrick Jackson, GSK, UK. Investigator in Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls - Analytical.
  • Dr David Jones, Rapid Micro Biosystems, USA. Director Industry Affairs.
  • Dr Prasanna Khot, Charles River Laboratories, USA. Research and Development Manager.
  • Prof. Dr. Nico Lachmann, Medical University Hannover, Germany. Group leader at the “REBIRTH Research center for translational and regenerative medicine”.
  • Laurent Leblanc, bioMérieux, France. Microbiology R&D Manager.
  • Dr Koen Marijt, MAT Research, The Netherlands. Co-founder.
  • Isabelle Moineau, AKTEHOM, France. Analytical Expert.
  • Ruth Noe, Lonza Bioscience, UK. Senior Product Manager.
  • Arnaud Paris, bioMérieux, France. Director of Scientific Affairs.
  • Dr Pavel Parkhomyuk, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Israel. Teva API Analytical R&D Manager.
  • Sophia Pfeiffer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Expert Rapid Microbiological Methods.
  • Lars M. H. Reinders, University Duisburg, Germany. Scientist / PhD student at Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA).
  • Dr Xaver Schratt, GB Pharma, Germany. Head of Global Quality Management.
  • Dr Shahjahan Shaid, GSK Vaccines, Germany. Senior Manager.
  • Shabnam Solati, CTL-MAT, The Netherlands. CEO.
  • Dr Ingo Spreitzer, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, German Federal Agency for Vaccines and Biomedicines. Deputy Head at PEI and Chair EDQM Working Party "Bacterial Endotoxin Test.
  • Dr Sandra Stoppelkamp, University Tübingen, Germany. Expert MAT Medical Devices.
  • Dr Jonas van den Berg, Roche Diagnostics, Germany. Global Quality Control.
  • Alex van der Meer, Janssen Biologics, The Netherlands. QC Technical Specialist Mycoplasma & PCR.
  • Niels Visschers, MSD, The Netherlands. Senior Specialist Microbiology.
  • David Wadsworth, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Analytical Instruments, USA. Product Management.
  • Veronika Wills, Associates of Cape Cod, USA. Manager Technical Services.
  • Ronny Zingre, MBV, Switzerland. CEO.
More speakers to be added


When we had to change the 8th PharmaLab Congress into an online event at short notice last year, no one would have thought how long the pandemic situation would last and affect our lives, private and business, for such a long period of time. Unfortunately, international on-site congresses will not be able to take place in the usual form this year either. Public restrictions, but also travel restrictions by the companies and reduced budgets do not allow this yet. Therefore, we will hold PharmaLab online again in 2021. Based on the feedback from 2020, we will make some significant optimisations.

The different lecture tracks will take place one after the other and not in parallel, so that every participant will have the opportunity to listen to every lecture

More than 40 speakers from Europe and overseas will give comprehensive talks on current trends and changes in the field of pharmaceutical production, quality assurance and quality control - both regulatory and scientific - in around 50 presentations. The following conference tracks are planned: More than 40 speakers from Europe and overseas will give comprehensive talks on current trends and changes in the field of pharmaceutical production, quality assurance and quality control - both regulatory and scientific - in around 50 presentations.

The following conference tracks are planned:
Monday, 22 November: Optimisation and Automation
Tuesday, 23 November: Validation of Analytical Methods and Life Cycle Management of Analytical Procedures
Wednesday, 24 November: Alternative- and Rapid Microbiological Methods
Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 November: Endotoxin and Pyrogen Testing


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