GMP meets GCP
Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

GMP meets GCP Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

Barcelona, Spain

Seminar Nr. 17561


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Inge De Meyer, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
Rita Hattemer-Apostel, Verdandi AG
Dr Gundula Born
Mandy Budwal-Jagait, Senior GCP Inspector, MHRA (invited)
Dr Claudio Lorck, AbbVie
Sandra Blim, AbbVie
Dr Lenka Taylor, University Hospital of Heidelberg


During this course, well-experienced specialists will share their expert knowledge about important aspects of IMP Supplies and the Management of Clinical Trials. Hear essential aspects about the organisation and management of the supplies, their distribution, things to consider during the study and learn how the various regulations lead the way. During this event, the important interfaces between GMP and GCP will be elaborated.


In the development of new pharmaceutical products, it is a challenge to design and initiate sound and appropriate studies. Compliance with GMP and GCP regulations is mandatory. A prerequisite for a successful study is the thorough planning of the clinical trial supplies. Beginning with the order, the manufacturing and supply of the IMPs, an efficient study management and full compliance with applicable rules and regulation will lead to satisfactory results. GMP and GCP requirements need to be considered and understood from all parties involved.

Trials outside the EU and contracts and agreements are two other aspects which require particular attention. Especially, in regard of trials performed in UK after the Brexit.

This course has been designed by the ECA to enhance and broaden your knowledge and to consolidate the various aspects which need to be taken into account for an efficient management of clinical Trials.


Specialists, managers and executives from R&D dealing with the various aspects of IMP supply and clinical trial management. It addresses representatives from IMP manufacturing, packaging, QP certification and supply as well as from the study design and management and the respective Quality Assurance units. It is also directed to CROs and members of inspectorates and authorities.


Case Studies
  • How things can go wrong
Interface between GMP and GCP
  •  Clinical trials Phase I – III, Investigator-Initiated Trials and Pre-Approval Access to IMPs
Changes in the Regulatory Landscape of Clinical Trials
  •  Comparison of Directive 2004/93/EC and Commission Delegated Regulation 2017/1569
  •  GMP relevant Changes (including ICH E6(R2))
  •  Current status of the implementation progress of EMA´s Portal and Data base
CTS Planning
  •  Supply Chain Planning
  •  Comparators: selection, procurement, pedigree
  •  Blinding
  •  NIMPs
  •  Shelf-life assignment
  •  Outsourcing
  •  IRT: Pros and Cons to use for a particular study
Packaging and Labelling of IMPs
  •  Blinding aspects in packaging
  •  Packaging technology
  •  Unblinding risks during packaging
  •  Just-in-time labelling
  •  Relabeling
  •  Reconstitution
Data (and Study) Integrity in Clinical Trials
  •  Responsibilities of investigator, sponsor and monitor
  •  Vendors and contractors of electronic systems:
  • Considerations and pitfalls
  •  Why do we need an Audit Trail (Review)?
  •  Inspection findings
GCP/GMP Inspections
  • The inspection and monitoring process
  • Typical and recurrent compliance issues
  • Typical issues at the interfaces
  • Inspections in Europe and beyond
 Distribution of IMP Supplies
  •  Distribution concept and prerequisites
  •  IRT
  •  Temperature controlled shipments
  •  Temperature deviations
  •  Site transfer
  •  Depots
  •  Customs
GCP Aspects to Consider for IMPs
  •  Roles and responsibilities: Sponsor, CRA, Investigator
  •  ICH GCP
  •  Storage of IMPs
  •  Reconstitution
  •  Accountability and Reconciliation
  •  Sponsor: Achieving and Maintaining the Blind
  •  IMP return and destruction
  •  IMP related documentation
The Role of the QP in Clinical Trials
  •  When does the QP responsibility end?
  •  Dealing with deviations during distribution
  •  How to handle deviations at investigator sites
  •  Extension of shelf-life
  •  Oversight of distribution and transport
  •  The responsibility for comparators
Three Workshops on Case Studies
Evaluate and discuss with the other delegates and the speakers case studies on:
  1. Study Planning: Challenges from a CTS coordinators perspective
  2. Case Studies: Open Discussion of QP Tasks and Challenges in Clinical Trials
  3. GCP Aspects: Handling IMPs at the Investigator’s Site
You will be able to attend all 3 Workshops.

Handling IMPs at a Hospital Pharmacy
  • The role of the hospital pharmacy: manufacturing, organisation, consultancy
  • The interface of manufacturing IMPs at a Hospital pharmacy and the daily work
  •  Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs)
  •  FAQs: things you need to consider
  •  Challenges and problem solving
Contracts and Agreements in the Management of Clinical Trials
  • Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • Contractual partners and QP participation
  • Contract concepts
  • Typical building blocks
A last Case Study - how things can go wrong
  •  How would you have reacted?


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