ECA - Data Integrity and Good Documentation Practice

Art-Nr.: A-1166
Datum: 9-11 April 2019

Preis: EUR 380,-

Die Tagungsmappe enthält die folgenden Themen:

Nr. Thema Zusammenfassung Seiten
14174Dat Integrity Principles033
14175Facilitated Discussion - Control of templates and Blank Forms04
14176GMP compliant document change management029
14177Data Integrity and digital signatures042
14178Why is control of blank forms important?025
14179Records - Life cycle nad data integrity issues034
14180Handling hybrid records024
14182Current inspection observations and their potential resolution027
14183Second Person Review of Batch Records031
14184Workshop: Design of a Document Control SOP02
14185How to train staff in Good Documentation Practice and Data Integrity026
14186Management and Control of multilingual Documents024
14187Typical documentation failures and how to avoid the019
14483Data Integrity: Praxis example of implementation of the requirements at a pharma site based on quality risk management principles023
14484Electronic Documentation Management and Change Control Systems to Ensure Data Integrity043


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