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Seminar Nr. 7698

Im Auftrag der European Compliance Academy
European Mycoplasma Testing Conference

, Copenhagen, Denmark

Non-ECA Members: EUR 890,--
ECA Members: EUR 790,--
EU GMP Inspectorates: EUR 445,--
APIC Members (does not include ECA membership): EUR 840,--
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Tel.: 06221 / 84 44 0 E-Mail: info@concept-heidelberg.de
Invitation to the European Microbiology Conference 2013 in Combination with the European Mycoplasma TestingConference

I would like to invite you to the European Microbiology Conference and Mycoplasma Testing Conference 2013 organised by the European Compliance Academy (ECA).

In 2008, ECA organised the First Microbiology Conference and the First Mycoplasma Testing Conference in Berlin, Germany. Attendants, Speakers and Exhibitors gave a very good response to this events. Until today, these conferences become regularly events and 2013 The pharmaceutical microbiologist plays a key role in all aspects of development, manufacture and control of medicinal products, and their components. Therefore, the conference is intended to provide microbiological updates and “real life” experiences to support their activities.

These conferences will focus on aspects of:
Regulatory Developments and Experiences in Europe and US
Current experiences with equipment and methods
Experiences in the daily business in laboratory and manufacturing

Experts from the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities and international academia will present various microbiological aspects of the above topics.
It is the aim of this conference to equip the pharmaceutical microbiologist with practical knowledge and “know how” which can be applied within the daily business. In addition it will provide a forum for interesting and open discussion between presenters, regulators and your colleagues from the industry.

It would be great pleasure for me if you could join us in Copenhagen.

Dr Sven M Deutschmann
Chairman of ECA's RMM Working Group